Coach-developer opportunity with Leinster GAA

Together with Leinster GAA, we are excited to offer a coach-developer course for our members across Australia and New Zealand.

Course overview

By taking part, you will learn how to facilitate coaches in their understanding of the role of the coach, and educate potential coaches. On completion, you will be ready to lead coaching courses and provide valuable support to coaches in your own state or region.

One of the aims of the course is to produce more coach developers across Australasia to deliver high-quality coaching courses. This will support our current coaching course educator, Glenn Carpenter.

Please note, the course is for people keen to facilitate and educate fellow coaches; it is not aimed at those looking to upskill on their own coaching.

Apply for the course

The expression of interest period is now closed. For me information, contact Teresa Daly at

By Australasia PRO Thu 7th Mar