Australasia Gaelic Games turns 50

On Saturday 15 June 1974, Australasia Gaelic Games was formed in Sydney.

Established as the ‘Gaelic Athletic Association of Australia’, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia were the founding states.

The founding members and inaugural committee were:

  • President – Tom Kearns, Western Australia
  • Vice President – Andy White, Victoria
  • Secretary – Jim Farnan, South Australia
  • Treasurer – Eamon Mackin, Victoria
  • Committee member – John O’Dea, New South Wales
  • Committee member – Noel Dunne, New South Wales
  • Committee member – Denie Bratton, Western Australia
  • Committee member – Jim Fry, South Australia

Queensland and Tasmania since joined, as well as New Zealand affiliates in Auckland, Wellington and Canterbury, expanding the association from Australia to Australasia.

Although Gaelic games have been played as far back as the mid to late 19th century in Australia and New Zealand, the founding of an official association in the antipodes ensured recognition and support from the GAA in Ireland, as well as a solid foundation for promoting and developing our games.

Since 1974, Gaelic games in Australasia have thrived. We now boast over 4,000 players of all ages, spanning a vast geographical region, from Perth in Western Australia to Canterbury in New Zealand’s South Island.

We’re looking forward to celebrating this milestone with all our players, members and supporters at our 50th anniversary Australasia Championships (state games) in Melbourne in October.

Australasia Championships – Australasia Gaelic Games

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By Australasia PRO Sat 15th Jun